Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rolling machine

So Julia is now rolling back to belly, go J! So much harder than belly to back. Only a matter of time now before she figures out that she can roll to get across the room, or coordinate limbs to crawl. Then I'm REALLY in trouble!

Speaking of trouble, Maya's been up to all kinds of no good lately! Yesterday I had some music on for Maya to dance to, I look over from the kitchen to the living room and Maya had pulled Julia to a sit and was trying to dance with her! AUGH! I spazzed out and ran over, hoping that Maya wouldn't just let go of Julia and let her little head clonk on the floor. I went out the other night with some ladies, and was texting with Ian to find out how the girls were doing. Well Maya decided she was going to climb into the crib with Julia! Guess she thought she needed some company. :P

Maya is still off and on with the napping. The days she DOES nap are happy days for mommy, the days she doesn't are long and exhausting. She's also getting her two year molars, and has a little cold right now. She's had a rough time each morning, today she screamed when Daddy went to work and carried on crying for a long time. Sadly I had to resort to tv to get her to calm down, Ian sometimes gives her a soother but then she doesn't want to give it up. She'll be three in May, and still has a soother, lord help us. And also needs to be potty trained still! Which reminds me of another Maya silliness, the other day when she was supposed to be sleeping, I heard her still up so I went upstairs and found she had stripped all her clothes and diaper off, with a pair of leggings on, trying to put on tights as well. Turns out underneath the tights and leggings she had not one, but two pairs of underwear on, backwards though. I think she's ready to ditch the diapers! :P

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