Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sick kids

Man, we have had a rough go around here lately! We went camping the last weekend in July, and at some point that weekend or shortly after she got bitten by a spider in two places on her foot. :( We didn't notice anything until Wednesday or Thursday, Wednesday night I shooed a mosquito off her foot, Thursday morning we were like "woah! that's a big foot Maya!" It had swollen up a crazy, crazy amount, you couldn't see her ankle bone and went all the way to her toes. I got her some benadryl ointment from the pharmacist, that did diddly squat, called health link that afternoon and she recommended elevating and icing it, and getting into the doctors office the next day. Ian and I went out that night (yes, bad parents) and left her with Mamere (Ian's mom) and she iced and elevated it some more. That night however at 3 AM she woke up screaming her poor head off in pain, so I called health link again, and because the redness of the swelling had spread, she called the doctor on call to call me back to assess, and that doctor recommended going to the emergency room at the Childrens Hospital to get her looked at.

She was crazy at ACH, bouncing between all the toys because there was no one else there. It didn't affect her walking at all, or running, she was so excited to talk to everyone and show them her bug bites (which she talked about for WEEKS and weeks) and the staff was fantastic. So there she was diagnosed with cellulitis (skin infection) and prescribed K-flex (sp?). The doctor said it was bad enough to warrant IV antibiotics, and the doctor on call I spoke to said it was important to get her seen that night because if it WAS cellulitis that it can spread very quickly. Scary stuff! I'm glad we were relatively on top of it. So, we finished up the K-flex Aug 7th, and that totally destroyed her stomach, since then (2 weeks later!) she's had diarrea and an upset tummy. So over that weekend after finishing the medication, her foot was better, but started to get worse again. I called health link who wanted her seen within 24 hours, and called our family doctor to get an appontment and couldn't get we were at the mercy of the walk in clinic. We went to a clinic I hadn't been to before, I don't usually have good luck at walk ins. This doctor prescribed a bacterial cream after barely looking at her foot, and I had a feeling it wouldn't do the trick, but gave it a shot. Sure enough, it didn't do squat, so I called health link again (this is call number 4 I think!) and they got us into the after hours clinic through the Primary Care Network. Thank GOD for the after hours clinic, seriously. So we trucked in there, saw a nice doctor who prescribed us an antibiotic ointment which seems to have cleared things up.

That weekend we were off camping again, arrived the Monday, and then Tuesday she started saying she was going to puke and had diarrea all. day. long. She did puke a few times too. :( She perked up after having some Gatorade and made it through the rest of the trip uneventfully thank goodness! At least until Friday morning, she woke up and I thought her one eye looked kind of puffy. It only got worse as the day progressed unfortunately, by the time we had made the 4 hr trek into Calgary it was quite bad, even Ian was concerned and that's how I know it's time to worry. So as soon as we got home, I called health link again (yay for health link!) and got an appointment for the after hours clinic once again. This time she was diagnosed with pink eye and prescribed eye drops, which SUCK to give as she hates them. We were also asked to get a stool sample (oh joy!) to test for some kind of gastric infection that she may have gotten from the Kflex for her foot.

My poor girl. :( I have a hard time not crying when I look at her right now, it's so hard to see her eyes so puffy, and she's been through so very much in this last month with all her health troubles. The one upside has been how funny she's been about her bug bites, she wants to show eeeeveryone her bug bites, she got on the phone with Papa (Ian's dad) and the first thing she was was "Hi, Papa? I have bug bites!" and points at her foot and nods like he can see her foot. Ah crack me up.

And now Julia is running a fever! I'm hoping it's just teething.

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