Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on the girls

The girls are doing awesome, and I'm enjoying having lots of time as a family as Ian has been on vacation. We went camping out to Cypress Hills, which I'll blog on later when we get our pics done. Today we went shopping as we had some gc's to spend for the Gap, got the kids some really cute clothes! Maya had a lot of fun shopping, she kept grabbing clothes everywhere from off the racks and going "Mommy, cuuuute!" "Mommy, shirt, look! Cuuuuuute!" She's so wee, I have to come to terms with the fact that we'll be buying her 18-24 pants for a long time as she is so skinny in the waist. Yep, she's a mini-me all right! She was being all sweet, trying on hats with Ian, and all of a sudden she turned into crazy Maya and started trying to "eat" Ian, fake biting and growling and going "I EAT YOU!!!!" which she does all the time. I'm sure the people in the store though she was nuts!

Later we were watching the Olympics, and the women's marathon was on. Maya calls running "gogogo" so she was pointing at the screen and going "gogogo!" I'm like Maya, they're running! Can you say running? Although gogogo is pretty cute too. Then the men's swimming came on and she freaked RIGHT out! I'd been showing her how to "swim" waving her arms. So she was standing in the living room going "swimming! swimming!" and waving her arms around, naked no less because it was a hot day and she'd been in her wading pool earlier.

Julia is so freaking cute these days too, she is definitely out of the newborn phase, MAN two months goes fast! Her first shots are on Friday, insert quivering sad mommy lip here. My poor little girl. :( She is chatting SO much these days, and smiling. Lots of cooing, gurgling, smiling. She just loves the face time with anyone she can get it with! She's also better at putting herself to sleep than Maya ever was, so far anyways. Knock on wood that continues!

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