Monday, August 4, 2008


We put Maya down for a nap today around 12:30, then had to repeatedly go in and check on her when she wasn't sleeping. She finally quieted around 2 o'clock and we figured she was asleep until I heard a big from her through the monitor in the basement, so Ian went to check on her. Few minutes later I hear Ian:

"Yeah, I dunno what your daughter was doing. When i found her she had her feet in the sink, and the toothpaste tube in one hand, putting toothpaste on the mirror. Her feet are pruny from the sink, she has no pants or diaper on and her shirt is soaked to the armpits. I think she tried to get in the shower because the shower door is open. Yeah, I dunno what goes through this kids head."

Me neither daddy, me neither!

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