Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Giggles and first sickness

Julia's been an extraordinarily healthy baby, she's 9 months old and she's only ever been to see medical professionals for her vaccinations, which means she hasn't been to the doctor since she was born. Public health nurses do the vaccinations around here. However, we had to take her into the doctor as she's been pulling on her ears and smacking them around for awhile. Sure enough, first ear infection! Strangely enough, she's been mostly happy through it all, all of a sudden now she's not feeling super well and she's unhappy...and sleeping in bed beside me again. Tonight she didn't even make it into her crib! My poor kiddo.

Maya has finally figured out how to pedal her trike instead of just pushing it with her feet. I shouldn't say finally, she probably would have figured it out awhile ago but it's been sitting under snow hah. We took it out into the street the other day to go and get the mail, we were eating crackers as we went. Maya dropped her cracker, I stepped on it and it was reduced to crumbs. She was pretty mad, but I said we'd get another one at home and the birds would eat the cracker. She started to get angry at the sky going "Birds! Silly birds! Eat my cracker, hrmph! Birds! Hrmph." It was pretty funny.

Lately she says "You hear that sound?" all the time when she hears a sound. Other things she says "What you doing guys?" and said with an angry tone: "What is going on?" It's funny, I learned awhile ago that Maya is a little parrot of what I say, so I try and say better things. A lot of stuff I don't even realize that I say until I hear it from her. Like "Pretty cool huh?" and "Check it out!" She says those all the time, hah!

Ian told me a funny story too - she was watching him pee, and as he finished up, she goes "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!" Apparently she used to say "front to back daddy!" until he explained that it worked differently for daddies. :)

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