Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's new these days...

I've been neglecting the blog again, big surprise. I should really try to update daily just what we were up to that day, etc. That way maybe I won't miss anything!

It's March...that means hardcore cabing fever for me. It's about -20, I am lacking inspiration for fun type activities to do with the kids, and we're all bored out of our tree. We need Spring!!

Julia, as I type this, is sleeping in bed next to me. She's apparently not loving sleeping in her crib, as she wakes up about an hour after going down and cries for me. I'm tired of wasting time trying to get her back to sleep so I generally just bring her into our bed, nurse her, she sleeps and I resume my web surfing. :P Or she sleeps on one of us if she won't sleep in our bed. O well, whatever works right!? I remind myself that the baby stage is so short, and this too shall pass. I tell myself that anyways, bahaha.

Julia is also incredibly adorable these days, so adorable! She's getting really close to walking (as I write this, she's 8 months, 3 weeks old), she'll walk just holding one finger. My MIL told me that Ian was the same way at 8 months, I had my doubts but i don't anymore! People are in awe when I tell them how old she is, she is just so sturdy. No more baby food for her either, she's all about eating the same stuff as we are, if it's something different she knows, and she clamps her little mouth shut. Sometimes to get her to eat, i'll put food on the spoon, let her hold it and eventually the food will find its way into her mouth. She does pretty well! She started dancing a month ago, she does this little sumo stomp and wings her head from side to side, little bounces, that kind of thing. She was watching the bath fill the other day, and she kept bending her knees and trying to jump in. So funny!

Maya is in a really awesome spot right now developmentally and emotionally. Tantrums are rare around here, she wants to please us and help out around the house, mostly because it's fun. If something is spilled on the floor (solid, not liquid) she'll run and grab the dustbuster to suck it up! If she spills something, I'll grab her some paper towel and she'll gladly clean it up, and she says "sorry mama!" And man does she love her sister! Lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles for her sister, and of course mom and dad. She picks up on lots of stuff we say, today she was demanding pears just before supper, Ian wasn't going to get them for her but she said "I'm getting very frustrated!! OK!!!" and was very adament about it, so she got a couple of slices of pear.

We had a real awesome moment a couple weeks ago too! I've been taking Maya to a weekly class at the Y called "Twist and Shout", basically a music and movement class with different songs, dancing, instrument playing, finger plays, etc. Maya absolutely adores it! Before the class that week, she ran into the front room and said she wanted to bring her costumes box that she got for Christmas. I tried to talk her out of it, but there was no stopping her. The class is fairly small, so I knew there would be enough to go around. I asked her if she wanted to bring the costumes so everyone could wear one and she said yes, so everyone could dress up. When we got there, I warned her again that if we brought the costumes into class, that we would have to share and everyone would get to wear one. She said "OK mommy!" When we got into class, she opened up the box, and gave everyone a costume. I was amazed! She had no hesitation whatsoever in just sharing all her costumes. I think she really understands sharing now, or is at least well on her way to understanding.

The Twist and Shout class has actually been great for her. The songs from the class she remembers and sings through the week, like "Open and shut" and we've picked up some new songs to add to our collection at home. In class she is quite the character, when we bring out the instruments, she makes sure that everyone, even the parents, have instruments. At the end when it's time to put them away, she collects them from everyone and puts them away. Such a little mama! Her manners have come a long way too, she almost always says please and thank you, and is now starting to say 'excuse me' too!

It's so amazing to watch them grow!

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Jessica said...

You sound so happy and content (aside from the cabin fever)! I'm glad everything is going well with the girls. And whoa Julia, almost walking? She's going to keep you on your toes!

ps. This post deserves photos :D


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