Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting into the swing of things...

Time goes so quickly these days! Julia is getting bigger and bigger and I'm not that emoional about it unless I think about it too much. She smiles all the time now! Huge, face splitting, eye crinkling smiles. And her sister gets cuter and smarter ever day I swear. We had our first moment of baby jealousy/regression the other day when I brought out Maya's old high chair which can be angled back for a newborn so Julia could join us at the table. Maya threw a fit! Luckily I still had an old high chair that was given to us around so Julia was sitting in the Chicco chair, and then Maya - who hasn't sat in a high chair since she was one! - in the Graco high chair. What a weirdo.

We went to storytime Monday with Nana while she was here, and Maya was not very well behaved, she roamed all over the room and wouldn't sit down, of course I was trying to nurse Julia and Maya wouldn't listen to Nana. We went back today and it was great, and so was Maya! They started and ended in a circle holding hands, awww. It was Maya's first time holding other kids hands, and she got right in there, holding hands, trying to sing along. So cute. :)

Later today we were playing outside, Nana bought Maya a little tea set for outside in her playhouse, so she and I had a tea party. She gestured at me to sit down on the bench of her little house, and she poured me tea complete with sugar and cream. Then she put it all away on the shelves of her little house! She's such a cute little girl, so smart!

She also took a huuuge header off the couch today. :( She was bouncing around on the sofa (not smart...i blame daddy as I was cooking!) and went feet over head flying over the arm and onto the tile floor head first. Tears were shed, but she was back to her old self in no time. It was a very very scary spill though.

And me? Well I'm settling into being a stay at home mom I think, we're just trying to figure out how best to make this all work for us. I'm not getting EI like most working/ex working moms because of the lay off situation with work, so we're just getting used to a single income, and it's scary. To me anyways, i don't think anything phases Ian! One thing that changed massively for me since having Julia is my housekeeping skills. Even after I had Maya i was never very good at housekeeping, for some reason I just never got into all the cooking and cleaning. But this time? Man is my house spotless! Even my mom commented on how tidy it was, and that's when you know it's clean. Which was nice, because usually when my mom comes she's offering to clean something for me, which for some reason bugs the crap out of me.

Funny story - I went to register my TD Waterhouse account today online, and there was a section to accept terms of certain financial reporting houses for real time market prices or something. Anyways, there was a section for "non professionals" to fill out, with Name, Address, and Profession, along with four other questions that didn't really pertain to me so I didn't fill those out. Well the form wouldn't accept my answer, it said all the fields must be filled out! So I giggled to myself imagining someone reading my form and typed in: Job Title: Mommy, Job Description: Cooking, Cleaning, Childcare, Employer: Self Employed (I should have put Ian, Maya and Julia!), and I can't remember the fourth question. But really, what the heck else is a "Homemaker" going to put in there?! And can I just say how much I hate the term "Homemaker"? Yick...

Sometime I'll put some effort into figuring out photo posting...

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