Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow...I have two kids!

Two beautiful and amazing girls at that. Julia is now three weeks old and growing in leaps and bounds every day. Maya is 2, and simultaneously fabulous and frustrating! It's such a great age. It will be hard not to gush over everything Maya is doing and not feel bad for not talking as much about Julia, so we'll start with her!

Julia, bless her little heart, sleeps a large part of the day which makes life easier as a new mom of two. She does have occasional painful gassy periods now and then, but we haven't given her gripe water or anything to try and alleviate that. Daddy didn't figure she needed any (roll eyes) but i'll be picking some up the next time we're out grocery shopping. She's been smiling regularly for about a week which is so sweet! She'll smile at her sister goofing around for her or giving her kisses. She's also a champion nurser, just like her sister was. And growing so fast! After just a week she was already a pound heavier than her birth weight which is just amazing.

Big sister Maya is absolutely in love with her little sister, it's wonderful. Adding a sibling to the family could have gone so many ways, I'm so happy that so far it's gone as well as we could have hoped. I'll never forget Maya's little face in the hospital as she peeked her head in my room and said "mommy? baby??" and came running over to see me. Her face just lit up when she saw her sister and immediately she wanted to hug and kiss her, and still does every day! I'm such a lucky mommy.

Maya is hilarious, she makes us laugh and smile daily with all her hijinks and silly things she says and does. I need to make more of an effort to record them for posterity. Right now what makes me smile a lot daily is how polite she is, she always says "yes, please" and "thank you". We're still working on "no thank you" and "you're welcome", but it will come in time!

Anyways - now that I have one post down hopefully more will come. Now, it's bedtime. :)

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