Thursday, July 31, 2008

You had to be there...

This may not be as funny if you weren't there, but last night I went upstairs to check on Maya after we had a door to door solicitor at 8:51 (oh the rage!) that I thought may have woken Maya. She wasn't in her bed when I peeked, so I looked in our bed, not there, looked in Julia's crib, not there, not in the hardwood room either. So as i'm standing there scratching my head, i figure I should look further into our room and check our bathroom. There she is, standing on the stool by the sink, holding my eye make up removal pads in one hand, and carefully placing them on the counter with the other hand very carefully, the way you'd lay cards down on a table! They were all over the counter! She looks at me and goes "Hi Mommy! I nap!" and she was SO proud of herself. The cat came around the corner, and she gasped a little, got excited and cocked her head a little and went "Hi kitty!!" I couldn't stop laughing, I was almost gasping for breath because she was just cracking me up. My nutty kid! Earlier that night we had been playing with the match game that Shelley gave her for her birthday, I think she pulled the idea from there. I hustled her off to bed, and this time she stayed, hah.

These days she's started to put together "I" with a verb, or something she makes into a verb. "I sleep? Nap? Soo?" (soo=soother)

We traced our bodies out with chalk on the patio out back tonight, one with Maya's little body, another with Julia's, and I tried to show Maya how to do mine. She seemed like she got the hang of it and was tracing my body, then all of a sudden she veered off and started doodling. She makes the funniest concentrating noise, just a really loud "UHHHHHHHH" monotone drone. So she was doing that and doodling while I was laying on the concrete trying to get her to trace me!

And I swear, I swear Julia laughed today! Ah what a sweetie. I can't believe she's 6 weeks!

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