Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She walks to the beat of her own drum!

Is what I've learned about Maya, she really does! We went to the zoo yesterday and had a great time, Maya keeps me laughing and busy, that's for sure. I handed her her sunglasses, and she promptly put them on, upside down, and wore them that way the whole day, every time I looked at her I couldn't stop laughing. We went to the playground first off so I could nurse Julia, and Maya went through the tunnel there singing and yelling the whole way. She used to be so slow at it that I would go through with her to help hed through but now she's a speed gonzalez and goes through in no time.

So I'm sitting on the bench nursing Julia, and surprise, Maya is gone. I look for the pink sunglasses, no luck. So now I'm walking around the play area holding a nursing baby with my shirt pulled up around my chest. Fabulous! Find her in the older kids play area where there is a little boy who has her cornered and is beating her with these big hanging obstacles. Poor Maya! Good news is she came out without me having to retrieve her with Julia hanging from my boob. :P

Maya has this thing for hippos, like big time. Loves them, and she'll randomly look at us and say quizzically "Hippos?" and get very upset if we aren't going to see hippos right then. So we spent about half an hour looking at hippos. I couldn't help her down to the tank fast enough so she ended up holding the hand of some random woman to make it down the stairs to the tank because she wouldn't wait for me!

We went to the zoo again today, this time to meet up with some friends. Maya had her trusty binoculars with her which she kept looking at the world through, the wrong way! The one time she was looking through them properly was at the hippo tank again, when she was watching the Tilapia fish they keep in the tank. I guess she wanted a closer look at their scales?? Who knows! While we were watching the gorillas, she was pointing at the momma gorilla (she didn't know it was the mother gorilla though) and saying "mommy!" My friend Morgan said "Either she knows this gorilla is the mom, or she thinks you look like a gorilla!" I really hope it was the former, but she'd be a pretty smart monkey to know that.

Yesterday too while we were at the zoo, and I was nursing Julia yet again, she started trying to take her shirt off. I'm trying to get her to put her shirt back on, and she refused, so i'm sitting in the park half naked myself nursing, with a toddler with no shoes, no socks (she removed these too) and her shirt around her waist. She was trying to nurse Julia! Finally i told her that the zoo didn't let little girls without shirts stay at the zoo, and that she had to wear her shirt if she wanted to stay. So she reluctantly put her shirt back on! What a nut...

Julia is doing great, she's starting to spend more time awake, and interacting with us, which is awesome! She is SO smiley, so happy, and so gorgeous. Yes I realize i'm biased. She just takes the world in stride and goes along with Maya and I so easily. While she's awake, she will smile at just about anyone who smiles at her. It's so wonderful!

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