Monday, July 14, 2008

So begins another week

Another day, another projectile puke. Arg! And on the day when all my shorts that fit are in the wash. Back to the lovely maternity capris that are now falling off me, sigh.

Julia started smiling last week, at 3 weeks of age. :) She's starting to make a lot more noises other than crying now, she coos and tries to chat a bit, it's pretty funny and so darned adorable. She's sick though too which breaks my heart. She wakes up snorting and crying because she can't breathe, babies don't seem to know how to breathe through their mouths! So her face is all red from not breathing and she's just snorting away. Man that makes for a shitty nights sleep! I really need to take more pictures, but this mama is so freaking tired. And she's sleeping on me most of the time and I dare not disturb her.

I took Maya and Julia to the library this morning for storytime, Maya loved it! They tell a story, then do an activity, and repeat. We even watched a little video too, and Maya narrated it much to the chagrin of the other kids in the room. (the age range is 2-5, so she was one of the youngest ones) At one point there were a whole ton of different animals on the screen and she didn't know which one to point out first; "cowpiggoatsheepgirraffeRRRRRR!(elephant)

And i think she's just entering into the "what's that?" stage. I was reading Martha Stewart cooking magazine or whatever it's called at lunchtime and she started pointing at everything "What's that?" "Pineapple" "p-appel?" "Yep, pineapple honey!"

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carley said...

heh! So cute. I keep meaning to take Tash to a storytime at the library.


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