Monday, July 7, 2008

Snippets from our life

Sometimes my posts will just come in wee little 'soundbytes' as i have time to jot things down. I want to remember everything and i don't always have time to write ginormous posts or the memory to remember things.

We call Julia "peacock baby" because she sounds just like a peacock when she cries. When she wakes and wants to feed there's no preamble to her demands, just a very sudden crashing shriek that makes you want to attend to her as soon as possible! The funny thing is before she was born, i bought her a stuffed animal toy that rattled, had crinkly paper, bright colours and black and white, just a little toy, and it was a peacock!

Maya had a silly day today. A neighbour had invited us to drop by anytime we wanted to go for a walk, so I packed Julia and Maya up to go for a walk because we were having a frustrating morning. (someone left a pen out that she used to stab the furniture, as well as a glass of pepsi with a few drops left over that got dumped on the carpet and grapes which got trampled into the carpet, all while I was trying to nurse her sister) Well it took me about 20 minutes of trying to get her to take her hands off the van, she kept yelling "CAR!" as in she wanted to go for a car ride. Holy cow kid...she's always trying to get outside to play and here we are, outside, and she wants to get in the car! Finally i dragged out the stroller (while wearing Julia in a sling) and Maya was more than happy to ride in the stroller. Goofball. So we do a quick spin around the neighbourhood, get home and inside, and Maya starts going "Park? Walk?" Gah...we were just there!

I gave Maya a small bowl of jello, and I swear I made her the happiest kid ever, she was so happy. She looked at me and said "Mama? Yello?" and I said "Yeah, Jello!" And she brought me over a spoonful and fed me some jello! So cute. I was singing the Jello song (J-E-L-L-O! - think back to the Bill Cosby days) and she was trying to sing it too but it was coming out more like a cheerleader cheer: "G - E - E - E - O!" over and over. Oh, she calls Julia Gee too, she can't quite say J's yet. It's awesomely cute!


Laura said...

Awww, my carpets have felt the wrath of my kids too. I just keep waiting. Once these baby years are done, bring on the hardwoods baby!!!


carley said...

heh! We just bought Jello last week to see if Tash would like it. I've not gotten around to making it yet though! oops!


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